Wednesday 8 September 2021

Technique Time September - Sand It

Hello Squashettes!  Gail here today with another Technique Time.   


We hope these posts will help you find some fun new ways to stretch your embossing folders, or maybe just remind you of some techniques you haven't used for a while, so grab a cuppa and take a look. 

 Today I am investigating the effect of sand paper on embossed textures.  

Here's a few of the ones I have tried


The first one that springs to mind is using a core card.  This is a type of card that is a different colour on the outside that on the inside.  There are many types of card produced in this manner.  Often the core is white, but it can be other colours, in this case this bronze card has a black core.  I used Cuttlebug Circus Monkey folder.


If you don't have any core card, or don't have the colour you want, you can easily make your own.  I have used ink in the past to colour the card and then emboss and sand it.  Today I decided to try paint.   I used Colourcraft Aztec pink paint on white card, embossed with Cuttlebug Qwerty embossing folder and sanded for a pretty effect.

Another favourite of mine to use is scratch paper.  That's the coloured paper covered with black wax which you scratch off.  Here I used it with Sizzix Spiderweb folder.  Be gentle with the sanding on this stuff cos both the wax and the coloured layers are often very thin and it's easy to sand right through!!  I meant to emboss the spiderweb for a bright design on black, but debossed by mistake!  Actually the black web looks pretty cool on the bright background.  There are no mistakes in art!!!

Something I never tried before was sanding embossed metal.  Jane did this for her inspiration piece for the last challenge so I thought I'd give it a go.  I used blue metal and Nellie Snellen Let It Snow folder.  Pretty!!!!!


Then I thought I try the technique with some plastic packaging.  I embossed DoCrafts 3D Pocket Watch folder and sanded the back side.  It will probably be best against a dark background, but I like this result.  Also it's something to do with the plastic that has got scratched and can't be used for shaker windows!!

 In conclusion, I think a busy pattern works best for sanding because there is less chance of scratching the background.  I wrapped my sandpaper around an acrylic block and kept everything as flat as possible to avoid sanding the debossed areas as well as the embossed one.
Use the finest sandpaper you can find for an even effect.
Wear a mask, LOL, or do your sanding outside!!!  The clean up is so much easier and I think there is already plenty of dust inside my house without making more, especially plastic dust!!!
Have fun!  Fun is very important.

Well, I couldn't leave all those lovely pieces unused could I??  I've used Carmen's Veranda Charlie Chaplin and sentiment for the Lost Coast Designs Movie Mania challenge.  Shameless promoting!   Maybe see you there.

OK, that's me done for today.  I am sure there are other things you can think of to use so do share if you are experimenting.  We will be back on the 10th with another challenging challenge and fun theme and another awesome guest!  See you there.




Dotty Jo said...

Brilliant post, bravo Gail - some great ideas! Jo x

Marianne said...

Lots of fun ideas, Gail. Never thiught to emboss packaging plastic. The colourful spider web reminds me of something we would create as kids: colouring card using wax crayons and then add a coat of black before scratching a design using a sharp point. Probably the precursor of the Joseph's coat technique. Hmm, where did I hide my wax crayons...?
Marianne x

Jane Willis said...

Uh-oh, this is one of my favourite embossing techniques - can't wait for the post to go live so I can inundate you with entries!

Dawn T said...

Fabulous inspiration Gail. Lots of ideas and love the card. It's fabulous.

Angelnorth said...

Fab ideas Gail, love the serendipitous spider web! Silkymits make great papercrafting sandpaper (although they’re designed to exfoliate - ouch!)

Christine said...

Great post!
The painted card was a good idea, might try that one.
Never thought of plastic embossed and scratched. I have a piece ready for one of my ATC swaps so must now try this technique as well.
Thank you so much for all the ideas

Tina Z. said...

wow, I love your ideas, especially plastic! I must try it.