Wednesday 30 September 2020


Hello, hello, hello.
One September afternoon I, Gail, was online shopping, or looking at a pretty card, or maybe thinking of making a pretty card, when suddenly I realised there's a gap in the challenge market!!!
I have never seen a challenge blog dedicated to embossing folders.
So, here it is!!!!

Now, I don't know about you, but I have a particular weakness for embossing folders.  My collection overfloweth.  I have been meaning for many years to organise them.  Enfys once shared a lovely way of doing this; Emboss tags and have them on a ring/string, number them, number the folder, easy to see/find/use.  Great idea!  Still haven't quite got there.  Might have to now.....

Anyway, back to that September afternoon.  To en/dis/courage me in this new endeavour I immediately sought the advice of my good friend and partner in craft Dotty Jo.  Hey Jo, wanna start a blog.  Oh well, wanna start another blog??  Use embossing folders?  Let's Squash It!!!!  Whaddayouthink???  There was a significant pause and then this turned up:

We will take that as a vote of confidence!
And so a new challenge is born.....

As said, I love embossing folders and have 100's.  Well, at least lots.  Another reason for not organising them cos then I might see how many I truly have.  On the other hand Jo declared that she had very few folders as 'I don't really know what to do with them!'   Well, that sounds like another great reason to start an embossing folder challenge blog.   

So, we are going to explore the world of embossing folders, share a few techniques, be wowed and enabled by amazing cards and generally have fun.  There will probably be prizes.  Maybe not the most up to date stuff, but certainly classic must-haves.

Check the rules, sign up to friends connect or email,
and pop back on the 10th October for our first challenge. 

Let the fun begin..............