Tuesday 17 August 2021

Challenge #11 - Inspiration...

Hi there, Squashettes, it's Jo here to further inspire you for our current challenge 'Not Paper, Not Card' where we ask you to seek out something different to squash and emboss!

I decided to try embossing vellum and well, what a roller coaster journey that turned out to be!

I tried embossing with a variety of folders and discovered that most of them pierced and cut the vellum. Misting with a little water just created a huge, curled-up mess of vellum, so it was back to the drawing board. I eventually found a folder with a wider pattern and that 'pressed' the vellum into a nice shape and this card was born!

Embossing Folder Kaisercraft - Crochet Doily (Currently Out of Stock)

Gail and I are delighted to be joined this month by our guest, Jane Willis. Jane has been creating-up-a-storm of fabulous cards for this challenge and I thought I'd just share them here in case you hadn't spotted them in our gallery!

I very much hope you're feeling inspired and ready to play along with this fun challenge!


ionabunny said...

Awwww sweetheart. What a journey. Yes, the embossing machine can be a little fierce for vellum. Just killed a piece myself bwahhahaaa. And as soon as you mentioned water..... Been there, done that. Vellum + wet = aarrrrrrggggggggg! But, your card is awesome, so perseverance paid off. I haven't used the fabulous muting qualities of vellum for a long time and the embossed doily on the vellum adds a beautiful elegant quality. Cutting the sentiment from the same card as the base gives it all a beautiful soft cohesive look. Love this. Hugz

Angelnorth said...

Putting a piece of copy paper behind the vellum when you emboss can help with the tearing issue sometimes. Your final product looks fab though Jo, you obviously found the perfect folder and I agree with Gail that cutting the sentiment from the same dotty card was a great design decision!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Gorgeous doily in vellum, Jo - love this card!! Jane's cards look amazing too!!