Monday 8 February 2021

Technique Time with Gail - February 2021


Hello Squashettes!  Gail here today to share a few embossing folder tips!
You might have come across these before, but I do like to mention the why, instead of just saying you should do it like this.  Of course, you are free to do it any way you like, but hopefully mentioning some effects and consequences will make it more relevant.

My first tip today is:

If possible, orientate your folder so the hinge of the folder goes through your squash machine first

When you emboss something it stretches the material.  Some materials will stretch more than others.  The more detail on your folder the more stretch of your paper.  This is why sometimes when you emboss a thin flat piece of card it warps.  Thicker card tends to warp less, but puts more strain on your folder and also your machine.

By putting the hinge through the machine first it allows the folder to relax and any extra pressure is unrestricted by the open ends.  If the hinge is the last thing to go through it can get quite stressed if things are not perfectly aligned, and if the material you are embossing stretches a lot it can end up being pressed against the folder hinge, which may break your folder, or even crack a plate on your machine.  The hinge is also the thickest part of the folder so if your 'sandwich' is too thick it's best to find out sooner rather than later.....


Tip two


Emboss two pieces of card at the same time!  You get an emboss and a deboss in one go! I used Cuttlebug Garden Tools folder and a piece of white and pink card.  I inked the emboss side (white card) with green ink and the deboss side (pink card) with pink ink and then put both pieces of card through the machine together.   This isn't useful for word/number folders LOL, unless you are having an Alice type day.

Tip three
Stretch your folders

If you have folder that has a perfectly repeating pattern then you can use it to make a larger panel by overlapping the pattern.  Be careful with your plate placement so you don't flatten the pattern you already have.  More usually you end up with a slightly less crisp overlap.  You can also extend non-repeating patterns and disguise the joins by using design elements such as fussy cut images, die cuts or ribbon.  I used a piece of ribbon to disguise my imperfect extension with the Do-crafts Candy Cane folder on this slightly taller piggy christmas card.


You might also have a design you can extend in another way.  This Father Christmas folder from CraftStash is 10 x 15cm, but by embossing it on the left hand side of a 10 x 20cm piece of card and adding some score lines on the RHS I was able to extend this image to make a DL card.  I smeared the embossed lines with black archival ink and then coloured it with Promarkers and distress inks.  

Tip four

Check Jo's Technique Time post from last month for masses of fab tips on misting your cardstock.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tips today.  The next challenge starts on the 10th, so see you then.  Thanks for dropping by.  Hugz


Glennis F said...

Great tips, thank you

Angelnorth said...

Fab tips, love the two pieces in one go idea - must remember to try that!

Jackie W said...

Great tips. In addition to putting hinge end in first, if you mist the cardstock lightly it allows the fibers in the cardstock to stretch without breaking or buckling.

ionabunny said...

Hi Jackie, yes misting helps with that. I didn't talk about misting cos Jo did a fab in depth Technique Time post on it last month, which I did mean to mention in this post, so thanks for the reminder. I'll add a link to it now. Hugz

Christine said...

Great tips thank you. Just bought electric die cutter and Embossing so this challenge site is great and the tips and techniques are very helpful

Robyn Oliver said...

Thanks Gail, great reminder techniques... I do most but never thought to run two sheets of card at once...but do love the affects of inking the EF. Stay safe hugs Robyn

Robyn Oliver said...

ps - just for your Info .... I'm just watching Tim Holtz Sizzix Chapter 1 2021
and he's talking about the new 3D EF and spritzing with water or two layers to prevent splitting...
at about the 36 minute mark